Sep 16ONLINE Day 1 of 30 Hour G/T Training-Nature and Needs of Gifted and Talented
Sep 1720 Hour Bus Driver Training
Region 14 • Shackelford
Sep 17Counselor Consortium Kick-Off
Region 14 • Nolan
Sep 17Diabetic (UDCA) Training
Region 14 • Haskell
Sep 17Principal Consortium
Region 14 • Eastland
Sep 17Standards-based IEPs for Newbies: Day 1
Region 14 • Callahan
Sep 18Migrant Education Program: NGS and MSIX Reports for Migrant Districts
Region 14 • Shackelford
Sep 18Safety Audit Training and Emergency Operation Plans Requirements
Region 14 • Jones
Sep 18TMFSA Administration and Interpretation AM
Region 14 • Eastland
Sep 18TMFSA Administration and Interpretation PM
Region 14 • Eastland
Sep 193rd Grade Math 2019 STAAR Review
Region 14 South • Watkins (South)
Sep 19Career and Technical Education Leadership Meeting
Region 14 • Jones
Sep 19ESL TExES Preparation
Region 14 • Eastland
Sep 19Skills Based Report Cards Workday
Region 14 • Shackelford
Sep 19Trauma Sensitive Classrooms
Region 14 • Taylor A
Sep 20SLP Webinar 1: Helping Adolescents and Young Adults Face the Challenge of Stuttering
Distance Learning ONLY
Sep 21CACFP Creating and Documenting Reimbursable Meals
Region 14 • Eastland A